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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

There are also dense pine masses with woodland copses of faya trees and heather, repopulated pine areas that give way to the high mountain underbrush.

The high interest in the Teide National park resides in its flora, which features 139 catalogued superior plants, of which 50 are endemic to the Canary Islands. Some of these natural jewels are the red bugloss (tajinaste rojo), the guanche rosebush or the Teide violet, which has the honour of blooming at the highest altitude of all the national territory. Also found is the Teide Spanish broom, blue bugloss (tajinaste azul), flixweed, “rosalillo de cumbre” and silver thistle.

Among its fauna, the Park’s most important species are the invertebrates. More than 700 insects are catalogued, of which 50% are endemic to the area. There are some species of reptiles, such as the black lizard (lagarto tizón) and birds (Egyptian vulture, hawk, sparrow hawk, red kite). Mammals are scarce, among them the most notable are the wild sheep, rabbits and five species of bats.

Natural Protected Spaces

Teide Natural Monument

Teide National Park

It is the largest and oldest of the Canary parks. Its landscape winds around Spain’s largest volcano, the Teide, that last erupted in 1798. The volcanic cones and lava flows form an extraordinary ensemble of colours and forms, in which a great floral diversity abounds, an immense wealth of botanical value.

In 1954 the Teide National Park was created, to protect a landscape of impressive beauty and high ecologic value, that winds around the huge volcano. The Teide is a volcanic formation located on top of an ancient and gigantic cauldron shaped depression, formed by two semi-cauldrons, separated by the Roques of García. Under the shade of the Teide, unique species of plants and animals thrive.

Las Cañadas del Teide Natural Park

With a spectacular landscape and signs of guanche presence, it has a complex genesis and geological evolution, where there are notable elements of flora and fauna.

Forest Crown Natural Park

With an important mass of woodlands of high ecologic value that surrounds and covers Tenerife’s summits.

Pinoleris Integral Natural Reserve

It is part of La Resbala protected landscape

Acentejo Coast

La Resbala


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